The Geneva Innovation Movement curates and publishes practice insights in the form of white paper studies. The goal is to make changemaking initiatives available for the ecosystem in a central place.

UNIGE, Center for Innovation & Partnerships and Geneva Innovation Movement

What are best practices for innovation in INGOs? How does the organization’s innovation journey evolve? Which challenges do organizations face and how could they be addressed? This paper presents a snapshot of innovation in NGO’s today. It highlights key opportunities and challenges to fostering further innovation as we move into the post-pandemic world.

Journal of Management Studies

Eight case studies of intrapreneurial initiatives in socially oriented organizations, originated in country offices and scaled either organically or strategically, distinguish two ways of how initiatives mitigate different responsible innovation tensions to foster competence development, structural alignment, and mission stretch. The findings uncover the boundary conditions of non-profit intrapreneurship, its tensions, and its scaling processes.

Center for Innovation & Partnerships, Geneva Innovation Movement & UNIGE

The current environment of technological advancements and complex global problems is creating unprecedented change in the way people work and how developmental budgets are allocated. The UN #NewWork staff movement looks for new forms of collaboration, innovation, and coordination, and aims to introduce new agile collaboration techniques to rejuvenate and enhance the way in which the UN works.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

How the internal work of self-inquiry can meaningfully shift our perceptions and behaviors in ways that positively impact the outer world, and how leaders of social change are incorporating the practice into their work and lives.

World Economic Forum

As the UN Secretary General António Guterres stated: “Beginning at the top, we must all – from headquarters to the country level – engage proactively with technology pioneers, innovators, policymakers and users.” This report looks in from outside the UN ecosystem to set out to answer what bottom-up innovation looks like in international organizations.


Transforming processes and cultures to make innovation really work is a challenge. The development of internal innovation structures to match the unique missions of organizations is best reflected as an iterative learning journey. This research report shows how it is possible to kick-start innovation work by drawing on six case studies of organizations that have pioneered innovation