GIM Members

Members of the Geneva Innovation Movement benefit from privy access to our cross-sectoral knowledge sharing platform, our network building events, actionable research insights, training modules, and curated publications.

GIM members are innovators in their field and inspire new ideas and collaborations, support each other, share insights and can join forces to promote further innovation. It is the network of like-minded individuals who are looking to enact change and facilitate the cross-organizational and cross-sectoral collaborations and learning. They are the people who establish innovation as a force for good in society. 


How to become a member

If you want to be part of this network, join the Movement! An individual membership is CHF 200 per year. Please contact us to become a member of the Geneva Innovation Movement

Board Members

Nan Buzard

Head of Innovation at International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC

Visionary and expert in innovation in the humanitarian sector. Innovating to do things better and achieve greater impact while anticipating and preparing for unknown futures in a changing world

“Innovation is special – it’s a wonderful mix of evidence-based methodologies, thoughtful engagement with multiple stakeholeders, and wild curiosity”

Susanna Swann

Chief Human Resources Officer at Genève Aéroport

Thought leader and seasoned manager of international public and not-for-profit organisations. Extensive experience in strategic HR management and in leading humanitarian programmes and projects in conflict and post-conflict situations. Believer in strengthening organisational effectiveness and efficiency through investing in people and systems.
“In a fast changing, complex world, innovation is essential for organizations, to ensure their relevance and effectiveness in carrying out their mission. I am keen to explore how we can support organisations on their learning journey as they seek to foster and embrace innovative approaches.’’

Thomas Neufing

Chief of the Centre for Learning and Multilingualism at the United Nations Office at Geneva

Leader in learning and talent development focusing particularly on leadership and management development programmes. Chief Learning Officer in different international organizations globally after various UN humanitarian and peacekeeping assignments

“I am fascinated by the energy and innovative spirit created in international organizations when more autonomy and flexibility is possible. Helping leaders and managers to create the right environment is my contribution for innovation.”

Founding Members

Vic Van Vuuren

Director Enterprises Department at International Labour Organization

Chair of the Partnership for Action in the Green Economy and the United Nations Task Force of the Social and Solidarity Economy (UNTFSSE) and a board member of the Business Coalition on Social and Human Capital. Promotes Decent Work by supporting sustainable enterprises and strengthening the institutions and governance systems which nurture enterprises.

“With the complex nature of the challenges we face the only way we can remain ahead of the game is to be continually creative and innovative in both process and content”.

Ramya Krishnaswamy

Head of Institutional Communities, Member of the Executive Committee at World Economic Forum

Seasoned thought leader on connecting private sector to social goals; Orchestrator of global public-private movements on Environmental, Social and Governance solutions and sustainability across the Sustainable Development Goals

“There is a significant potential for new and market based solutions to deliver across the SDGs, especially in sustaining life on our planet. I am particularly interested in catalyzing innovation in the nexus of nature and technology. Its so hard for people to put a value on nature and without innovation and new solutions, we are going to lose the variety and complexity of species on the planet, and there will be no turning back.”

Pradeep Kakkattil

Direction of Office of Innovation at UNAIDS.

Social Innovator and intrapreneur. Co-founder of “Health Innovation Exchange” (HIEx) – a platform connecting political leadership with innovators and investors for healthcare access, co-creator of the “Solar for Health” initiative to bring solar solutions for health sector; Co-founder of the Technical Support Facility (TSF), the largest TA mechanism of the UN in HIV.

Michèle Joanisse

Director at Fondation CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois | Lausanne university hospital

Certified Fundraising Executive, she aims to build a vibrant foundation to support clinical research projects, teaching and patient care at the hospital. With more than 25 years of experience in the not for profit sector, she shares her knowledge with various organizations to strengthen their philanthropic programs.

“Creating meaningful and lasting partnerships by bringing people with a common vision to advance the field of health for all”

Katherine Milligan

Director at the Collective Change Lab

Supporter of leading social entrepreneurs and student start-up teams, sought-after speaker and coach. Adjunct Faculty at the Graduate Institute and University of Geneva, awarded as a “Top 100 Women in Social Entrepreneurship” awarded by the Euclid Network, an elea Fellow at IMD Business School, an Accelerate2030 Advisory Council Member, an Unreasonable Mentor, and a board member of Social Impact Award

“I am passionate about helping social entrepreneurs and social innovation leaders achieve the full potential of their ideas.”

Elina Viitaniemi

Director at ESCA CancerSupport; former Global Health and Innovation Expert at UNAIDS; Co-Founder and manager of the Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx).

Connecting governments and health response implementers to relevant new technologies and innovations, and supporting the sustainable scale-up and financing of new technologies for health

“I believe in the power of connection and collaboration in sparking innovation. The more we reach across different sectors and stakeholders, the more creative and richer our approach to the SDGs will be, allowing us to better propel the change we want to see in the world”

Dr. Tina Ambos

Professor of International Management at the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM); Director of the Center for Innovation & Partnership, University of Geneva

Expert on knowledge management, innovation and strategic management of internationally dispersed organizations.
“We have an opportunity to emerge from the global crisis as a stronger, more resilient International Geneva – through increased cross-sectoral collaboration and critical skills for innovation”

Dr. Stephan Mergenthaler

Head of Strategic Intelligence, Member of the Executive Committee and at the World Economic Forum

Oversees the Forum’s global expert and innovator networks as well as its strategic analysis capacity on global trends.

Dr. Sebastian Buckup

Head of the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum and Head of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Global Network

Research Fellow at the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM); Visiting Professor at the University of Geneva and the Technical University of Munich; Thought leader on issues at the intersection of society, economics, politics and technology.

“Most societal challenges transcend the boundaries of sectors and nation states and require leaders to foster new partnerships and alliances”

Dr. Julian Fleet

Permanent Observer at International Development Law Organization (ret.) (formerly UNHCR, UNAIDS, UNDP, WHO)

Led IDLO’s engagement in Geneva, working closely with UN agencies, governments and civil society, representing the only global intergovernmental organization exclusively devoted to promoting the rule of law in the service of peace, human rights and sustainable development.

“Many international organizations resist change. Yet the status quo – whether in internal processes or external programming – is limiting their impact. Innovation is key for these publicly funded institutions to operate efficiently and ultimately to advance towards their vision of a more peaceful, fairer world and a healthier, more diverse planet. Innovation – and sometimes giant steps, not just incremental measures – is essential.”

Corinne Momal – Vanian

Executive Director at the Kofi Annan Foundation

Experienced diplomat with a demonstrated history of managing change, encouraging innovation and promoting gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

“The pace of technological -as well as social- change is accelerating. We can no longer rely on yesterday’s solutions to solve tomorrow’s problems, and we can no longer ignore young people’s ideas and skills. Working on innovation is about breaking down hierarchies and silos so that everybody can contribute to developing the projects and policies we need to overcome our local and global challenges”.

Advisory Board

Salman Bal

Ambassador at International Geneva Welcome Center (CAGI)

Career diplomat committed to mutual respect, moral and ethical values in the search for win-win solutions for a better world, connoisseur of the multilateral system and International Geneva and Gender Champion

“Look for your own puzzle stone. Independently of its size, color, shape or place, it will complete the full picture.”


Dr. Katherine Tatarinov

Founding member and Managing Director of the Geneva Innovation Movement, Research Director at the Center for Innovation & Partnerships at the University of Geneva, and a lecturer at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL).

Expert in Intrapreneurship and Social Innovation in International Organizations with experience in improving tech productivity in SMEs. Passionate about social innovation, digital transformation, and solving grand challenges through innovative thinking.

“I see a world of possibilities to bring together change agents from the Geneva Ecosystem – to build on each other’s failures and successes and learn continuously. Our shared vision and drive can enact unprecedented change.”

Iris Dieleman

Operations & Projects Lead at Geneva Innovation Movement

Career Project Manager with extensive experience in managing Operations teams in the Financial Industry. Skilled at putting plans into action.

“I believe that the energy of the Geneva Innovation Movement and its drive to continuously innovate will help us to reach the SDGs and manage our planet better”