Geneva Innovation Movement

The Geneva Innovation Movement (GIM) Association is a knowledge sharing platform that enables organizational innovation as a force for good.

It is a registered non-profit association based in Geneva, whose members are individual change makers from across all sectors globally.

The GIM’s vision is to create and share knowledge about innovation as a force for good in mission driven organizations, to up-skill leaders, and to collaborate between sectors to provide new perspectives on organizational transformation. It has an abundance of knowledge, both from research and its membership base, and excels in translating fundamental research into tangible insights.

It does so through three pillars of service: (1) Network Building – facilitating across silos and connecting people, (2) Up-skilling – developing new perspectives and new skills for managers, and (3) Knowledge Translating – creating and communicating insights.

Outlook for 2023

After 2 years of existence, the GIM will continue focusing on surfacing knowledge, energy, and inspiration from existing members as well as growing the platform to include new members. Ideas will be shared in small, thoughtfully curated group discussions. The association will work with partners to shape an ‘innovation observer’ report in a way that aligns with GIM’s values. And it will continue to up-skill managers in ways aimed at breaking down silos and demystifying transformation tools.

Members in 2023 can look forward to network building events, knowledge sharing circles, and the sharing of actionable research insights. Check our upcoming events for more detailed information.

History of the GIM

The Geneva Innovation Movement Association (GIM) was created out of a need for a cross-sector platform that connects academic research, International Organizations, NGOs, and the private sector around the topic of managing innovation as a force for good.

While mission-driven organizations are increasingly adopting innovation strategies and initiatives to renew themselves and remain relevant in today’s changing environment, they often find it difficult to inspire new types of behavior and lack the structures to catalyze innovative ideas. In addition, there is a lack of communication between international organizations.

In November 2020, a group of 16 entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, academics, representatives of organizations in Geneva and senior leaders from the UN founded the GIM around the idea that all mission-driven organizations have managerial processes and structures that embrace or stifle organizational innovation. They believe that management practices can be learned to remedy and improve the situation. The GIM facilitates the platform and provides thought-leadership by pooling and curating the expertise of its members and collaborators.


Members of the Geneva Innovation Movement (GIM) benefit are part of a network of innovators from the public sector, academia and International Organizations. Members benefit from privy access to

our cross-sectoral knowledge sharing platform,

our network building and knowledge translating events,

our actionable research insights and curated publications, 

our training programs.

GIM members are innovators in their field and inspire new ideas and collaborations, support each other, share insights and can join forces to promote further innovation. It is the network of like-minded individuals who are looking to enact change and facilitate the cross-organizational and cross-sectoral collaborations and learning. They are the people who establish innovation as a force for good in society.

If you want to be part of this network, join the Movement! The membership fee for individuals is CHF200 per year and is available for everyone who is interested in innovation as a force for good.

To become a member of the Geneva Innovation Movement, please send us a short message. We will contact you as soon as possible to finalize the process.