Innovation Movement Training: Innovating as a Force for Good in a Transforming World

Date: 25 May - 15 June 2023 - 7 sessions over a 3.5-week period

Location: Virtual

Innovating as a Force for Good in a Transforming World

The Innovation Movement Workshops were started in 2020 as a collaboration and were co-created with the Chiefs of Learning and HR from UNHCR, ILO, UNOG, and ITU. After five successful cohorts, the Movement is building on the foundation to add new digital and transformation concepts and tools for participants interested in leading their teams through change and joining a growing network of innovation champions across organizations.


The concept: Innovating in a Transforming World – new strategies, new skills

The SDGs are unlikely to be met by 2030 without rapid, all-encompassing innovation relying on the opportunities of digitalization and culture change. But digitalization also presents threats to international organizations’ values, legitimacy, and responsibility. Confronting these opportunities and challenging and devising new strategies for how to navigate a digital world, as well as how to empower people with new skills is a priority for all organizations today. Support and guidance from the leadership is crucial for successful development towards new strategies and new skills in a digital world.

Innovating in a digital world is increasingly important. The way that services are delivered, that humans interact, and that connections are created are now fully entrenched in technology. New strategies for how to prioritize activities and streams of work and new skills for how to implement these, will be required on three levels to manage this change effectively.

At the individual level, confidence is required to try out new tools and the skills to understand when these tools can be used and how to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. At the team leadership level, managers are poised to lead their groups through change. A deep understanding of what ‘digital thinking’ means for their area of work will motivate and engage teams, boost their collaboration for remote management and distributed work scenarios and create of new KPIs. At the senior leadership level, new strategies to focus activities, leverage capabilities and make investments in digital technology will arise from a clear understanding of the organization gaps and possibilities.


Program Objectives: New Skills for a New World

This training focuses on the team leadership level while also equipping team leaders as individuals with innovation and digital technology tools and allowing them to design and implement strategic priorities in a digital work.

While digital transformation presents many opportunities, operationalizing digital transformation strategies bears risks and requires correctly assessing the specific opportunities for the organization and division. The training integrates the senior leadership level through preparatory conversations and follow-up workshops to elevate gap analysis and possibilities.

The objective of this training is two-fold. First, on the content-level, it seeks to engage senior leaders (those managing teams) in innovation and digital transformation work and provide them with processes and tools to lead teams through change. Second, on the interpersonal level, it continues to build a movement of collaborators from across organizations with the aim of enabling the environment for innovation and transformation.

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