Workshop: Demystifying Digitalization

The Geneva Innovation Movement can customize this workshop on Digital Tools for Support the Creation of Reports to the specific needs of your organization or team. During two three-hour sessions, we introduce the creation of reports and automating data visualization, and present tools developed and used by leading AI experts from the private sector and international organizations. Participants will receive guided training and ideas how to implement these tools for their own projects.

The workshop is targeted at general management, team leaders and non-technical experts.


Workshop A: Digital tools for the creation of reports

Participants will learn how digital tools can assist them in the creation of reports. We will introduce a portfolio of digital tools, natural language processing or data visualization techniques, and explore their applications. Participants will be able to apply digital solutions to their own projects.


Workshop B: Introducing AI tools for the creation of reports

Leveraging algorithms can help to create reports more efficiently. This workshop will teach participants how to apply tools but also critically discuss opportunities and caveats.


Exact topics can be discussed and customized to your organization’s or team’s needs. 

Are you interested in a customized workshop for your team? Don’t hesitate to contact us, without obligations.