Innovation for Climate and Bio-diversity

Date: To be confirmed

Location: To be confirmed

Many countries, institutions and companies have decided to step up their actions to halt climate change and to support biodiversity preservation. The COVID-led recovery and reconfiguration of operations, if done so without integrating climate and biodiversity as an integral part of the solution, risks setting us back on this trajectory.

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with Innovation at the core of their activities can play a significant role in bringing this thinking into their own remit. In their organizations and within the scope of their mandates globally, the Geneva Innovation Movement and its members can make a positive change in how climate and biodiversity goals are integrated in how we deliver on our own missions.

The solutions are within reach and can range from actions such as implementing carbon offsets, local sourcing or to subjecting sourcing partners to some due diligence on their climate footprint, to the development of new technical solutions and business models that achieve the same goal.

This bootcamp-style set of interactive workshops will consist of several sessions that touch upon a variety of topics, including why we should be climate and biodiversity conscious, awareness about the (lack of) climate alignment of our missions, as well as the design of solutions.

Please contact us to be notified as soon as the registration for this event opens.