Harnessing Cross-Sector Collective Intelligence

Date: 28 June 2023 | 17:30 - 21:00

Location: Geneva

EY and the Geneva Innovation Movement will jointly host the Knowledge Translating event “Harnessing Cross-Sector Collective Intelligence”.

Collaboration is key at all stages of the innovation process, from ideation to scale, particularly for those organizations working on finding solutions to volatile societal challenges. One aspect of this collaboration is sparking collective intelligence: the “collective decision capability [that is] at least as good as or better than any single member of the group”[1] which holds the highest promise of innovative ideas and solutions to address grand challenges.

To date, formal collaborations, knowledge sharing, and partnerships often remain at the ceremonial level rather than yielding results and questions remain about how to enable cross-cutting, cross-sectoral initiatives. This event will showcase the best practices of existing cross-sector collaborations and calls to harness our collective intelligence to transform our world.

The evening will start with a 40 min interactive panel of cross-sector innovation champions, followed by plenary breakout round-table interactions where the sub-themes will be debated and action points developed. The final plenary discussion will summarize key learnings and point out ideas for further collaboration.

We will close the evening with a drink and a nibble and the opportunity to network.

All GIM Members will receive their personal invitation for this event.



[1] (Hiltz and Turoff 1978)