Workshop: Innovation Tools for Team Performance: Implementing Modern Agile Concepts

This customized workshop “Implementing Modern Agile Concepts” provides a practical, hands-on guide to the piloting and scaling of agile tools in the work settings of large bureaucratic organizations. The workshop targets both team leaders and team members who are interested in understanding and implementing Modern Agile tools and techniques to create a more efficient work environment.

Building on the pilot Modern Agile Tools and Collaboration Techniques, UN Geneva’s NewWork team, Roche, and the Geneva Innovation Movement offer this cross-sectoral workshop to engage both teams and leaders in understanding and implementing Modern Agile concepts. The goal is to help organizations develop a strategic level roadmap for how to implement an agile pilot and scale it throughout the organization.

The workshop will address the key learnings from the pilot, while focusing in on understanding selected techniques and how to implement and scale them in the organization. The goal is for participants to understand how techniques can be applied in his/her organizational setting, how to strategically conceptualize such a transformation to result in efficiency gains within the team and across teams.


Conceptual frameworks, case studies and best practices are presented and discussed, enabling participants to learn about the use of Agile methodologies of innovation firsthand. Guided group work and brainstorm sessions will define actionable pathways that enable participants to apply agile concepts in their work setting.

The workshop is split into three sessions of approximately 2 hrs each.


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