Who we are

The Geneva Innovation Movement (GIM) Association provides a cross-sector network that pools the expertise of its members to co-create knowledge, support organizations in their innovation journey, and encourage both cross-organization and cross-sector collaboration. Its purpose is to provide thought-leadership by pooling and curating in the expertise of its members and collaborators to serve the organizations in International Geneva.

Its vision is to shape actionable pathways to innovation for the international organizations and their ecosystem to enable impactful contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The GIM’s goal is to re-skill the International Organizations’ leaders to enable intra-organizational collaborations and intrapreneurship, to share knowledge both within and among organizations, and collaborate across both public and private sectors to come to the best results. 

What we do

The SDGs are unlikely to be met by 2030 without rapid, all-encompassing innovation. There is demand in Geneva by International Organizations for a platform that connects International Organizations as well as (international) NGOs and the private sector to share innovation best practices, systematically collect data and disseminate results in cross-sectoral convenings. Silos between sectors, between sister organizations, and within organizations require shattering.  

The International Organizations are increasingly embracing innovation strategies and initiatives as a way to renew and remain relevant in today’s changing environment. Intrapreneurship is a critical driver of this innovation, but often organizations struggle to inspire such behavior and are lacking the structures to catalyze innovative ideas.To meet this demand for connections and facilitate the missing structures, GIM provides thought-leadership by pooling and curating the expertise of its members and collaborators.

The GIM offers three pillars of services:
Pillar I: Facilitating connections

Public events to share insights and promote further innovation and collaboration in the International Geneva Ecosystem.

Pillar II: Enabling systems

Interactive targeted workshops, trainings and customized interventions to provide hands-on toolkits and frameworks developed by members and other experts

Pillar III: Uncovering applicable insights

Curate and publish practice insights on innovation-related topics

Pillar I: Facilitating connections

The Geneva Innovation Movement brings together diverse partners with cross-sector expertise on various creative initiatives on the topic of innovation.

Ongoing discussion topics include:

  • The Human at the Center of Change and the Importance of Wellbeing
  • Leadership in Covid and Post-Covid Worlds: Upskilling Leaders and Bridging the Digital Divide
  • Artificial Intelligence in Risk Averse Organizations: How to Create Impact

Knowledge Sharing Circles

To share knowledge across organizations, we offer Knowledge Sharing Circles on selected topics such as:

  • Supporting innovation initiatives from the top: How do we nurture instead of stifle innovation?
  • Building structures and organizing innovation in my organization: How do we start?
  • Leveraging my knowledge base: How to collaborate effectively between the field and the head office?

These circles are intimate Roundtable events where innovators and innovation leaders come together to exchange ideas. The Geneva Innovation Movement facilitates this event and provides inputs from recent research and practical tools to advance organizations in their innovation journeys. Knowledge Sharing Circles are scheduled on demand. Please contact us if you would like to participate in these events and/or feel free to suggest a new theme.

Pillar II: Enabling systems

The Geneva Innovation Movement organizes interactive workshops, trainings and customized interventions. The goal of these programs is to create an open mindset that fosters an innovative culture.

Training Cohorts

Several times per year, the GIM organizes a multi-day Training Cohort on the topic of rejuvenating organizations and finding actionable pathways to innovation.

These Innovation Movement Workshops are a set of workshops where participants work in cross-functional, cross-organizational teams to understand how to apply a variety of innovation methodologies in the context of humanitarian and developmental work.

Participants learn from ecosystem mentors, intrapreneurs, and academics to update their skills, their behaviors, and their mindset – enabling them and their teams to work more effectively and efficiently in times of uncertainty.

The trainings held virtually to enable team leaders and managers from all locations, Headquarters as well as field offices, to attend.

History of the Trainings

The Innovation Movement Workshops were started as a collaboration and co-created with UNHCR, ILO, UNOG, and ITU. After two successful cohorts in 2020, the Movement is now opening the program to all organizations interested in developing an innovation mindset and becoming part of a growing network of innovation champions in the UN.

Accompanying our key partners in their innovation journey: Interactive Workshops and other Customized Interventions.

The Geneva Innovation Movement offers to support organizations through the particular challenges of their innovation journey by facilitating discussions and by proving customized input for shaping innovation activities. We pursue an inclusive approach encompassing all stakeholders of the organization, starting by priority setting with top management to middle management and staff as well as external stakeholders critical to the co-creation of innovation.

The GIM facilitates customized, interactive workshops or presentations on the topic of innovation. These interventions are created on demand and in coordination with the requesting organization and can be tailored to your needs.

The GIM is open to partnerships and co-hosting events with other entities on any innovation-related topic. Please contact us for more information

Pillar III: Applicable insights

The Geneva Innovation Movement curates and publishes practice insights on innovation-related topics in the form of white paper studies. We provide thought-leadership by pooling the expertise of our members, collaborators, and other partners to serve the organizations in International Geneva.

The goal is to make changemaking initiatives available for the ecosystem in a central place.

Applicable insights in the form of white papers, articles, blogs or opinions can be found here.